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  • teresa lannon says:

    Posted: April 4, 2012

    cathy , can u advise me please . Im going to a wedding in two weeks time and i got this lovely dress in meringue yellow .but the problem is i dont know what colour shoes,wrap and bag to wear with it,the dress has a sheen in it . IF U CAN HELP ME PLEASE ,MUCH APPRECIATED, tHANKING yOU Teresa Lannon Reply

    • cathy replies:

      Posted: April 8, 2012

      Hi Teresa Thanks for your message. There are any amount of colours you could put with your lovely dress. if it's more of a pale lemon colour, you could team it with 'candy' colours i.e peppermint green or if you wanted a pop of colour, candy pink. Alternatively, as the fabric already has a sheen, you could introduce accessories with a metallic finish like silver. Of course, another option would be to opt for accessories in print, including the exact shade of yellow that's in your dress. No mater which option you go for, bring the dress with you when you're shopping so that you can see the best match. I would encourage you to only introduce one element and make sure that your shoes and bag match. Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding! Kind regards, Cathy Reply



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